Workshop Offerings

Workshops can be customized in length and content based on the needs of the group. Contact Lulu for more info!  

Level 1 Vocabulary Intensive - 3 hours

Not able to make it to class regularly? Want to fine tune the classic elements of ATS®? This mini-intensive workshop is designed to start from the very beginning of the Level 1 vocabulary with instruction custom tailored on-the-spot to meet the needs of dancers at any level. Critical to maintaining the integrity of ATS® is regularly visiting the basic elements, no matter where one might be in their dance journey.

Solid Turns and Spins - 2 hours
Exercises, imagery and tools to sharpen those slow and fast turns in the American Tribal Style® vocabulary of belly dance. Helpful for all styles of belly dance. Knowledge of Level 1 ATS® helpful but not required.

Dancing in the Round - 2 hours
Wonder what the heck to do when your performance venue has audience members in all directions? This workshop will focus on how to seamlessly manage feature dancers' directional changes with style and grace! And we'll explore what to do with the chorus dancers based on various venue challenges! Add an element of surprise to your next performance! Have extra fun at your next dance jam! Must be proficient in Level 1 American Tribal Style® vocabulary and concepts.

Technique Whetstone - 2 hours
Dig in to Classic ATS(r) vocabulary to make those Basic Egyptian steps snap and add a bit of sparkle to your Arabic Step! Knowledge of Level 1 ATS® helpful but not required.

Posture, Arms, Floreos, Oh My! - 2 hours
Focus on strong posture, regal arms and elegant floreos to make your presentation even more beautiful. Come learn how to put a bit of extra special polish on your dance through exercises and drills using Classic American Tribal Style® vocabulary. Knowledge of Level 1 ATS® helpful but not required. 

Performance Prep Phase I Baking the Cake! - 2 hours

Wondering where to start when it comes to performance? Set crafting challenges? What music to select and how the venue and audience affects that choice? Things to consider in how to build interest within your set? How in the bejeezus to get on and off stage with power and grace to captivate your audience? Tools to manage all of this will be covered in addition to how to smooth over and manage slight bumps that are inevitable in an improvisational dance format!

Performance Prep Phase II Frosting the Cake! - 2 hours

No ATS® performance is complete without fantastic, regal head-to-toe adornment! Options will be explored within the base ATS® costuming aesthetic of choli/pantaloons/hip scarf/tiered skirt(s) and how to tailor unique additions (coin bra/hip adornment) to make your look reflect your individuality while also complimenting one another in your group. Elements related to color and styles (old school vs. modern) will be discussed, as well as when/how to tuck a skirt, and how different styles work with music and step choices to maximize the impact of your set! Makeup suitable for stage will be covered and how to apply those pesky lashes! Instruction on how to build and decorate a headdress (aka turban) as well as how to construct a fierce hair garden, including options for short haired dancers. And finally, we'll look at the type of jewelry that fits in with it all to complete your look.     

Drumming for ATS®- 2 hours

Learn drumming technique and Middle Eastern rhythms best suited for ATS®! Fast and slow rhythms are taught and drilled to enable you to make music for dancers! In the true spirit of ATS® improv, simple and easy to remember methods in communicating tempo changes will be introduced and drilled to give dancers clear cues and enable spontaneous creation of music that mixes beautifully with the dance!