The Fitting Room (former Suzanne's Studio)
1393 George Washington Way Suite 3, Richland, WA 
(Upstairs - door between Adventure's Underground and Mattress Store look for a little metal "Joseph Bldg" sign over the entrance, and the beautiful art as you enter - we are neighbors with the fab Kat Millicent Gallery!)
Journey of Movement - Mondays 6:30-7:45 - Ongoing Class - Drop-in/Beginner Friendly
Class taught by Adrian & Lulu - Starts July 8, 2019!
Fee: by donation**, with proceeds after studio expense going directly to our local domestic violence shelter.
Come join us for a journey of self discovery through movement!
Class will be a mixture of dance practice utilizing ATS® improv belly dance format, a variety of world dance styles (woot!), guided meditation and exercises to work towards a more authentic and loving relationship with your inner self and healthy connection with others. Yoga/stretchy wear is great, hair should be up and bare feet, socks or dance shoes/slippers are fine. Bring water and be ready for fun! LGBTQ+ friendly*safe space for all*
**Questions have been asked about what an "acceptable" donation would be. Regular BABD classes run $10-15/hour. For this class, in order to encourage participation by all regardless of financial situation, it would be appropriate to give $0-15. Or cookies. Or glitter. Or hugs. ♥ A donation jar will be set up at the studio entrance. ♥

We welcome all who wish to participate in this adventure! Join us for one or many classes!
Send a PM through the BABD fan page or text to Laurie Lulu Martin-Self at (509) 430-1656 if you have any questions. ♥ ♥ ♥
For more info on what ATS® is about, check out the video and article at https://www.blueamberbd.com/about.

Lulu is a trained and certified FCBD® ATS® instructor
Adrian is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and experienced dance teacher/choreographer
Blue Amber Belly Dance - All Improv All the Time!
Connection ~ Compassion ~ Community

ATS® Belly Dance Fundamentals (Level 1) - Especially for Beginners!

~~This class currently on hold for the foreseeable future!~~
$75 for all 6 weeks!
Learn to dance improvisationally (no choreography!) by drilling the basics in fun combinations. Using both slow movements and fast steps we’ll get you dancing in your first class! All basic movements and group formations on which the format is based are covered in the 6-week session including posture, body awareness, zills and music. We will drill the movements to build muscle memory and retention! The material learned is progressively built upon each week and used in the next levels of ATS®! You will be introduced to partner and group dancing.  Zills will be needed starting at week 3 - buy here!  Loaners available to borrow until you get your own. Ages 16+
You can do this! Body positivity and fun are encouraged in class!
Once you register, ask to join the "BABD Dancer Resource" Facebook Page for the most current status on classes as well as drill videos for home practice!
What to wear?
Yoga pants, choli or tank/yoga top (something comfortable), with hair in a bun or pony tail so your posture can be observed.  Bare feet or dance slippers, and a hip scarf if you have one!  Make sure to bring water!

The basic ATS® costume consists of a choli (Flying Skirts brand is recommended, black short sleeve cotton lycra is an excellent first choli), pantaloons (3-4 yard), tiered 25 yard skirt (any color, but black is good for your first skirt) and fringed hip scarf.  While this isn't required for class, it is for performance and it's fun to wear in class too!  

ATS® Tribal Combinations (Level 2)

In this class, you will use and expand on the material learned in ATS® Dance Fundamentals by learning additional steps and variations, as well as refine individual technique by drilling basic steps in creative combinations.  Students must be proficient with material learned in Level 1 (and have permission from the instructor) to join this class.

Mondays 7:00-8:30 pm

ATS® Drills/Improv

Class will utilize all material in ATS® Dance Fundamentals and Tribal Combinations as well as introduce variations and elements that comprise the remainder of the over 100 steps, variations and combos in the format.  You must have experience in Dance Fundamentals and Tribal Combinations to join this class.

Class Fees (non-session classes): 

$15/1 hour class drop in

$20/1.5 hour class drop in

6 class card $75/12 class card $120

6 and 12 class non-session cards are valid for 90 and 180 days respectively, can be used in any class.

Class fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

*Convenience fee for cards purchased via PayPal +$3.

ATS® is an elegant system of steps danced with partners in duet, trio or quartet formations. It's different than other styles of belly dance in that it is based on group improvisation rather than choreography.  Using a standardized "vocabulary" of dance movements with cues, transitions and musical phrasing, you will be able to create improvisational choreographies on the spot to use for personal practice or performance.  Even if you have taken other belly dance classes, you must start in Level 1, as ATS® utilizes specific vocabulary and formations which can only be learned by first taking Level 1.  Familiarity with belly dance or any other dance form will likely help you progress quickly into subsequent levels.  There is something for everyone in ATS®!

We will explore and study the original tribal improv style in the format created by Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman, Director of FatChanceBellyDance® in San Francisco, California.  Connection, gratitude and encouragement amongst dancers is encouraged, as well as body acceptance, flexibility, musicality and as a bonus, you get a great workout! Learn to empower yourself through dance!

No previous dance experience is necessary, class environment is fun and welcomes all skill levels, body types and ages (16+).


The Fitting Room Studio

(former Suzanne's Dance Studio)

1393 George Washington Way Ste 3

(upstairs through "Joseph Bldg" door between Adventure's Underground and Mattress Store)

Richland, WA


Class Contact: 

Lulu (509) 430-1656 (text or voice)




  • Please arrive 10-15 minutes early and be ready for class by start time. 

  • No question is a 'dumb' question - *please* ask your instructor for answers and not your classmate. 

  • We will work hard!  But, the results are worth it - don't get discouraged, anything worth having takes time.  Embrace and enjoy the journey, that's where the magic happens - don't focus on the destination.

  • Do your best, take notes, come to class consistently, other students are depending on you.

  • Class is a safe, supportive and encouraging environment.  Negative/intimidating attitudes will be asked to leave without refund.

  • Selling or promoting anything without permission is not allowed.

  • Please, no talking while the instructor is teaching.  It's disrespectful and one will be asked to leave without refund if they become a distraction or are trying to teach other students during class.

  • Recording of ANY kind without prior permission is NOT permitted and you will be asked to leave without refund NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • No guests/friends/family are allowed to stay in the studio during class unless they are a paying student. If you have a friend who is interested in class, they may come observe a class with instructor permission.

  • If you are having issues with another student, please address them to me so I may take care of it.

  • I willl let you know when you are ready to progress to the next level- it is not a race. Even the most advanced student should study basics, as we often build bad habits and can always use polishing. Being in a beginner class does not define you as a dancer.

  • I am here to teach you to dance first, you will learn to perform after you have established that you can execute the core level 1 vocabulary comfortably and without hesitation.  

Performance is not mandatory, if you're interested in learning this dance form, *come to class* - it's fun for parties or other casual events where other ATS® dancers are celebrating this graceful and powerful dance style!