About the BABD "Troupe"

Blue Amber Belly Dance’s purpose is to provide an inclusive, welcoming and supportive space for the practice and exploration of the rich world of American Tribal Style® belly dance.  This modern style borrows elements of Middle Eastern folkloric, Indian, North African and Flamenco movements as created by Carolena Nericcio of FatChanceBellyDance® in San Francisco, CA.

The beauty of ATS® allows dancers who have knowledge and proficiency of the format to come together and dance in harmony, and since it’s improvisational (choreography is sometimes used for specialty shows, but still utilize the base format elements) the dance is created in the moment.  It can be rewarding for everyone who wants to experience the magic of this interactive and beautiful dance style, whether it be through classes in the studio, at informal events where other ATS® dancers gather or on stage in a performance setting. 

Members of BABD are a group of dancers dedicated to not only learning the steps and movements of ATS® but also who embody the philosophy of gratitude and presenting the dance as one entity.  It is a growing community of dancers in Southeastern Washington who represent cooperation with and celebration of one another through Tri-Cities area and regional performances for those studying locally and visiting ATS® dancers.  Anyone (age 16+) can become a member of BABD, all it takes is dedication to learning and demonstrated proficiency in the format through consistent attendance at classes as well as willingness to embrace the core costuming elements.  Dancers can perform at one or many shows; there are no minimum commitment requirements, auditions, or try-outs.  The format lends itself to having flexibility in performance settings with a few or many dancers.


ATS® has resulted in the transformation of dancers the world over developing confidence, body awareness and acceptance, a sense of community and connection with other dancers, happiness, healing of the spirit and body, and discovery of internal/external beauty and strength in themselves and the dancers with whom they share the magic of this interactive dance format.  Come join the fun, you won't regret it!

WSU Tri-Cities 25th Anniversary Celebration!  Counter clockwise from Left - BABD dancers, Lori Cook, Rebekah Lozano, Laurie Lulu Martin and from Seattle, guest dancer Adrian Garcia formerly of Sultana Dancers and Bare Naked Bellies/Greenwood Gypsies